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buy Xanor 2mg Panic attacks come suddenly and without warning, at any time and in the absence of any prescriptive cause.  Symptoms vary but are always terrifying, including fear of dying, pounding heart, racing heartbeat, chest pain perceived as a heart attack, shortness of breath or the feeling of suffocation, and fear of losing control or going crazy.  The intensity of these symptoms usually peaks in about ten minutes and subsides within about thirty minutes.  Some individuals have only one or two attacks in a lifetime, while others have daily or weekly attacks – a condition known as  panic disorder .  Sufferers often have extreme anxiety when the next attack will strike. Panic disorders are not at all rare and affect 1.5-2 percent of the population in the United States each year.

buy Xanor 2mg Two groups of drugs are very effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of attacks: various classes of antidepressants and several short-acting benzodiazepines, including Xanor (alprozolam).  Both classes have drawbacks: They must be taken for longer periods (six to nine months) because stopping too soon often leads to relapse of attacks, and the preferred class of drugs, antidepressants, may need to be taken for six to twelve weeks before their  full benefits kick in. .

Xanor, which has both antianxiety and antidepressant effects, works after the first dose and causes few major side effects, but normal doses taken over just several months can lead to tolerance and physical dependence.  These problems occur with other benzodiazepines but are much more pronounced with Xanor.  When Xanor is suddenly discounted or the dose is sharply reduced, hallucinations, delirium and convulsions may occur.

More common during withdrawal are extreme anxiety and symptoms reminiscent of the original panic disorder—symptoms that may persist for six months to several years.  To prevent these problems, the dosage of Xanor must be gradually reduced over many months, which often proves extremely difficult.  All benzodiazepines are subject to recreational use, but  Xanor  leads the list for emergency department visits.


buy Xanor 2mg Panic attack sufferers often say that Xanor has saved their lives by quickly relieving their extreme anxiety with few notable side effects.  To maintain its beneficial effects, Xanor must be taken continuously.  If stopped suddenly, withdrawal effects occur, inducing a return of extreme anxiety in addition to possible seizures.

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